rauldandrea (rauldandrea) wrote in thenerdclub,

Let's keep this group alive...

Well to me, nerdiness is being interested in things which actually mattered while the non-nerds only care about sports, gossip and 'peopleshit' (comparative, worthless, he-said, she-said, oh did you hear what's 'wrong' with so-and-so _SHIT_)

One of my friends loves everything pertaining to human space travel, fact or fiction...

I'm a -packaging geek- who unfortunately works as a software developer cause lacks the talent to 'design' for a living...

I've known -religion nerds-. Hey, beats sports and gossip, riiiight?

A friend of mine (I hope, I hope!) loves all things pertaining to a famous landmark in Germany... She's not hurting anyone. She just Loves :-)

I want to say all nerds are good, but many have a long way to go...

A nerd in my last job would shit on fellow nerds just to attempt to make more non-nerd 'friends' (more common than you'd think, -especially it cities, where the 'rewards' of doing this falsely seem higher)

But that's what 'nerd' means to me... People with a passion that matters, not shit which won't have changed one single damn thing once they have 'died'.

- Dave
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